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Our materials

Schoonacker Transport has an extensive range of rolling stock such as various tractors, (laminated) trailers and low-loaders, trucks with loader crane, vans, various forklift trucks up to 12T, mobile pick-and-carry cranes up to 60T, aerial work platforms, and other specific equipment. This wide range of different materials enables our professionals to make the manipulation work run smoothly and efficiently and to offer you a total package adapted to your needs for all your relocation projects.

We have the possibility to assist you in all kinds of manipulations: the (internal) moving and assembling of a machine or production line, a total factory relocation, the building of constructions and platforms, the reorganization of your machine or tank park, the relocation of your storage/warehouse, etc. within every industry, national and international, tailored to your organization. Our specialized team brings every assignment to a successful conclusion. Schoonacker guarantees service from A to Z.

DDo you have any questions or would you like more information? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us! We hope to be of service to you in your future projects and will be happy to give you additional information about our service. We are happy to be at your disposal to discuss the appropriate quality/price ratio with you in advance. Request a free quote now! Discover our various materials:

Vrachtwagen Schoonacker Transport

Discover the materials of Schoonacker Transport

Grues Pick & Carry

You need exceptional transport for your industrial relocation projects or industrial transport. With our pick-and-carry cranes up to 60T, we can easily take your heaviest machines out of your factory halls and onto our trailers.

Industriële machinemanipulatie

Our forklift trucks, scissor lifts, and aerial work platforms with articulated telescopes are ideal for various tasks outside the normal range. We get your installation to the right place. Our forklift trucks and aerial work platforms can be used perfectly for industrial machine manipulation projects in all sectors.

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