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Machinemanipulatie in volle actie

Schoonacker Transport is hiring!

Schoonacker Transport specializes in industrial machine manipulation, industrial removals and (exceptional) transport

About Schoonacker Transport

Schoonacker Transport in Wetteren has more than 20 years of experience and is an established name in industrial machine manipulationindustrial relocationsindustrial transports and (exceptional) transport since 1998, within every industry, national and international, tailored to your organization. We are familiar with all sectors: the food sector, textile sector, but also companies in metal processing, the automotive sector, and petrochemicals. A team of qualified drivers is at your service. This way we guarantee a flawless, safe move, installation and placement, or other manipulation of your installations or production line.

Exceptional transport & machine transport in Belgium

Schoonacker Transport offers you an all-in solution

You can contact us for assembly and disassembly work, as well as for the (internal) relocation of your production lines, separate machines, your (recently purchased) machines, or for the complete handling of your factory relocation. Schoonacker Transport guarantees complete, efficient, and safe transport for your organization. In addition to industrial transport, Schoonacker Transport also provides industrial manipulations such as disassembly and assembly works, installing and repairing machines, strengthening the subsurface, or making or adjusting metal structures.

Are you looking for a total solution for your national or international factory relocation? Then Schoonacker Transport is the right place for you! We offer you a full service from A to Z

Schoonacker Transport has an extensive product range

Do you want to move machines, installations, or even an entire production line? Then we can certainly be of service to you! Schoonacker Transport in Wetteren has an extensive range of rolling stock to offer a total customized solution for all your relocation projects. Our various tractors, (laminated) trailers and low-loaders, trucks with loader crane, vans, various forklift trucks up to 12T, mobile pick-and-carry cranes up to 60T, aerial work platforms, and other specific equipment enable us to smoothly and efficiently handle your relocation project and manipulation work. We are surrounded by a specialized team that works responsibly and safely. Our trained employees meet all VCA standards and have the necessary diplomas and certificates.


Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Then please don't hesitate to contact us! We hope to be of service to you in your future projects. We are happy to be at your disposal to discuss the appropriate quality/price ratio with you in advance. Request a free quote now!

Schoonacker is specialized in industry relocation & exceptional transport

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